Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Community Gets Shaken Up

Has anyone read this? O.K. Quick overview: the new plans are for a pilot wherein the District Nurses, Health Visitors and School Nurses become one giant team, with the same job title and responsible for all 3 areas.
This is colossally stupid. I know District Nurses that don't like working with babies (which is why they're not Health Visitors) and Health Visitors that don't like dressing leg ulcers.
I might be looking into my big blue crystal ball here but it's not going to be good for the patients. I mean really it's 2 separate courses DNs and HVs don't work in the same areas. Little Old Ladies and Young Babies are 2 different worlds. You can't really compare these to jobs aside from they are both nurses, they both care and they both work in the community.
It's all going to end in tears and they won't belong to the SNP, I can guarantee that.

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