Saturday, 2 February 2008

Geekdom, Art and Heating?

I realised last night that I can speak 4 dialects of geek: medical, Trekkie, gamer and I.T. tech. I'm near fluent in I.T. and Trekkie. I'm working on medical. You can always tell when someone is fluent in a geek dialect when they start talking way above your head about what should be a simple subject.
My art seems to be getting no where these days. However the collection of art stuff is getting out of control. I've been getting pens, pencils, paints and brushes for years now I've got more than enough to fill the box I was using for my sewing stuff. I'll scan in some of the drawing I have finished as soon as I can.
Under the banner of heating; the heating has been broken for days and it's freezing here. Proof positive in the fact that snowflakes survive indoors!
I'll post something else later and for the rest of the week.

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