Sunday, 17 February 2008


I've been watching lots of TV recently. Don't tell the lecturers. It's an addiction but I've been noticing a worrying trend. It's that bad even the nursing standard is talking about it.
First it was No Angels on channel 4. Making nurses look like boozy women that were only after doctors. Then it was last week's Holby City. Did anyone see that after Chrissie's face was slashed and Stewart was putting her on the table she was wearing hold-up stockings? I'm not the only one, honest. Find me a ward sister that wears stockings to work, and I'll be applying to work there. That's another one that is only chasing doctors!
Least there's some respite with Casualty. There's only mistake-prone junior doctors to worry about there.
I also watch The Royal (when it's on) and The Royal Today and House! And I wonder why I never get any study done!
Point is why is there this trend of boozy, over-sexed nurses that are only after doctors? Guess it makes good television but it really doesn't make us look good.

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