Saturday, 2 February 2008

My New Disease

I'm calling it Vista-itis.
Main Symptoms - Usually first noticed when patient starts screaming uncontrollably at their computer for no good reason. Screaming is not always present, however the lost hours spent staring at a green bar inching across the screen are present in every case. Other less obvious symptoms include anger, frustration and crying.

Disease Progression - Increasing frustration aimed at the operating system can result in damage to both user and computer.

Cause - An infection started by the bacterium Microsoftium. Which has been growing and spreading since the variation number 3.1 was discovered. Mostly dormant the recent mutation, now called Vista, has been the cause of this new outbreak. It has a limited amount of sufferers although it is thought that the amount of people affected will increase over the next year.

Treatment - Some have discovered that Vista-itis can be removed by bringing the previous mutation of Microsoftium called XP into the infected computer. This can greatly reduce the stress caused. If the patient is unable to procure XP then limiting the amount of contact with Vista will reduce the symptoms even if the cause cannot be removed.

Prevention - Smart people are avoiding the bugs by choosing XP or an Apple over the Vista.

Cure - There is no known cure at this time.

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Not Nurse Ratched said...

Get a Mac and be done with that mean old Vista-itis forever. :)

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