Friday, 15 February 2008

Pain, Panic and Abuse

That would about sum up exactly what happened today. The lectures were on pain and abuse in A&E. But the panic is what really made the day for me.
First up someone bought a newspaper this morning and found this story about the shambles some lecturer thought up. Exposing a student's errors without their consent must contravene the data protection act or something. It's not right. Although I don't think it had anything to do with the nursing school.
Then there was a petition doing the rounds to stop the college taking away some of the things we (OK more accurately I) rely on. In fact some of this goes back to yesterday's post. We are not allowed to go past an accident because we could be pulled up in front of the NMC but we don't get more than a few hours of training in first aid. They're trying to pull the plug on our CPR training before we go out to our final placements. Now I'm confused we can't go past an incident but if we aren't trained how can we be competent to help?

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