Thursday, 14 February 2008


So why am I getting into this again? The governing body of nursing in the UK (the Nursing and Midwifery Council or NMC) is out to get us. In their own words they are there to 'protect the public'. Not the nurses, I guess that falls to our unions.
Nurses have gotten dragged up for all sorts of reasons.... I can't imagine what they would have done to the nurse Terry at Counting Sheep was talking about. Popping a patient's zits while they were under? Throw the book at them.
So one half hour later and the whole class were freaking out. I was considering hiding in my room for the foreseeable future.
Accountable for my actions 24/7 ? Why am I doing this? I could still be working in a shop. No accountability there (unless my till didn't balance). No lives to be fretted over (unless it was my own when the drunks and druggies came in).
1 more year and peoples lives really will be in my hands. And it scares the living heck out of me.

That can only be a good thing though. If I'm scared then I'll be double checking everything. The fear can only make me stronger, work harder and strive to be better.

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Julie said...

I am not sure there is anything to worry about here. while you might be judged on whether any particular behaviour is becoming of a nurse it doesn't actually cause me to freak out 24/7.

As for going past an accident. Well you are only expected to perform to your abilities. You should stop if no one else is there, but you do not need to arrive with the ambulance, leap out of your own car and reveal your uniform. However if you do stop and start doing stuff then you had better be competent at it. If the university want to stop teaching you CPR you should alert someone within your placement who will then lean on the university from a governance and risk point of view.

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