Thursday, 21 February 2008

Tech Support - Believing in PEBKAC Since 2005

I'm off tonight to fix Dee Dee's computer and yes I, for some reason, am regarded as Tech Support. I have no formal training but hey I've been around computers since I was 7 so it's all the same to me. Here's a cracking article on being the family's tech support. I'm good natured about helping but I have a habit of taking over as opposed to guiding the poor stricken person.
While I'm away I suggest you go read PC Weenies (the new strips) or even the Archived PC Weenies (where I got this cartoon). I love this guy's work!
I would love a t-shirt with 'RTFM' on it or even 'PEBKAC'.
Granted sometimes I can't fix everything. Until I had to use Vista I had no idea on how to fix it. Don't let me near a Mac (you will never see it again) and Linux is a total grey area to me. So some people don't come to me for help any more. Mind you I've already said that I have NO formal computer training.
So more art when I come back. And a rather fantastic rant if I do say so myself!

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