Wednesday, 6 February 2008

WardBunny's State of the Country Post

It has been a while since I wrote a post that come out as a rant but I feel the need to express how much seems to be wrong with this country. To start with there's the Dispatches documentary on the choice pensioners have to make. To they heat their homes or eat?
Why do we let this go on? Why should people who have worked their whole lives to pay their taxes and national insurance be forced to make a choice like that because the state pension is not enough to pay for their care, food and the hiked up heating bills?
This country has more problems than Swiss cheese has holes. Where should I start....
Think about it, hard working lower middle class (and that is a legitimate class these days) are being taxed every way they turn while the NHS continues to go down the pan, children are almost literally getting away with murder, knife crime is on the rise, and the education system is suffering from delinquent children and massive shortages.
So what are the politicians doing with our taxes? Paying their own families to work for them (without doing any actual work).
It's all a bit of a shambles. I could run this place better (and no I've not been drinking).
I believe this is now a nanny state. We have a ban on smoking in public places, people sitting on the dole for their entire lives and we are a huge soft touch when it comes to immigration.
We need to toughen this place up. You want to ruin your life with smoking or poor diet, then carry on just don't take anyone else down with you. We need an acceptable cap on taxes for those who can't afford it and a cap on the amount of pay some get. Politicians get paid far too much in my book. We need to reroute these taxes back into the police, the NHS, the emergency services and the education system. We need slap (not literally) some sense back into those in power.
Prevention is good but it sure as heck not working. We need to plough money into fixing the fact that we are the best at teenage pregnancy, stroke, heart disease and heart attacks. Oh yea and if we could stop going on about England winning the world cup in 1966, please? We don't need to be reminded that the last time we were any good as a country at a sport of any kind was 40-odd years ago. You don't hear the Scottish curlers going on and on about their gold medals now do you?

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