Sunday, 30 November 2008

3 Day Week

Tomorrow I have Immediate Life Support (ILS) training. I've not read the book yet... well I've read bits of it like airway support. And it's a study day on Friday so it's a THREE DAY WEEK!
So what will I do with all this free time? Well finish this damn essay I'm supposed to have finished for Friday.
Hmmm I've only 1,800 words left to go. It cannot be that hard surely? I've already spent a whole day getting the sum total of no where. I will have something written for Friday but what I don't know. Might just splice in a little bit of my Star Trek Voyager fan fiction and see if they notice the difference. I mean how many of them actually have the time to read whole essays when there are 150 of them still to be marked? Wonder if I would get away with that... it's not plagiarism because I wrote them myself but of course to has feck all to do with the subject of nursing. Oh except the bit I set in Sickbay... I complain that I can't write anything at all but then I have a 13,000 word fan fic sitting on my hard drive. It's not finished though and the battle scene needs a lot of work.


Kimberly said...

I just started nursing school this semester, and your blog is great!! It gives me a little boost to read it! Hope you enjoy mine as well!

Strong One said...

It can't be good if your counting how many words you have LEFT!
Best of luck with BLS and the essay!

Karin, RN said...

I want to read that fan fic.

WardBunny said...

Kimberly - Welcome. It'll be a wild but enjoyable ride, I'm telling you.

Strong One - ILS rocked... It's one of the things I'm good at... awesome!

Karin -
There is an adult content warning... actually it's for a good reason. It's not published anywhere else yet. This is the first time I've allowed it into the public domain before beta-ing or being finished. Enjoy what's there. It's not brilliant but it's alright.

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