Monday, 17 November 2008

Meme (Number 4) (Screenshots!)

Thanks to Cellar Door I felt the need to disclose my screenshots.
I use 2 different computers so you can have 2 screen shots. This is my parent's computer - a desktop running XP (we have different user accounts). The wallpaper is Oliver Wood (yes, yes Harry Potter!) the Potterpuffs edition.This is from my laptop (running Vista, in case I let anyone forget). Yes I run the sidebar widgets and the areo interface. The wallpaper is a broken blood vessel taken with a scanning electron microscope. I'm quite minimalistic with my icons (the only area of my life where I am like that!) and both computers run Kasperky internet security (although my laptop's is a little broken right now) and yes I live off 4 on demand.


cellar_door said...

You keep a very tidy desktop :0)

WardBunny said...

You should see the state of my room! That desktop is the only one I can keep tidy!

Strong One said...

That broken blood vessel pic ROCKS!

WardBunny said...

At least I'm not using the C. Diff pic!!!

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