Sunday, 16 November 2008

Dentists, or the Last Will and Testament of WardBunny

Still trying to psyc myself up for my root treatment tomorrow. So I spent all day sitting on my backside, watching TV and worrying about it.
I am up to date on Holby, Casualty and Special Victims Unit. I've still not seen the 2 part conclusion of season 4 of House so if I could not die before I've seen that.... Or for that matter before I've finished placement and told our ward's SHO that I think she's smoking hot. (She's like Jessica Alba playing a doctor who loves little old ladies while really well dressed)

Oh and I would love to have a go at winding up the new students that are meant to be arriving some time this week. I don't really mean that. OK maybe slightly, I will be kind and helpful but if one of them thinks they know more than me, then I will be slapping them back down.

I get all the joys of working this weekend to make up for taking tomorrow and Friday off. As much as a hate working weekends I would also like to see this one.

I give my goldfish to my parents, my clothes to Oxfam, my laptop to whoever cracks my passswords (that is not an invite to start now by the way!) and my blog to the greater good (or for the NMC to use as an example of what not to do).

I declare that I am of sound mind *coughs* and that these are my wishes.

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