Friday, 7 November 2008

Fear / Respect

Sister was asking me whither I was scared of the deputy sister. Well yes, I am terrified. You mention that to anyone and you hear muttering along the lines of 'bark' and 'bite'. *If you want me I'll be under the nurse's station rocking back and forth* Then she asked if I was scared of her.....
Oh, cack. There's no good answer here. You say 'no' and it's like she has no real power over you. You say 'yes' and she has infinite power over you because she knows you live in fear.
I may have a pathological fear of anyone in a navy blue tunic (or dress depending on where you are)....

I'm even scared of that picture!

Well I have a 'respectful fear'. You have power. I don't. You've been doing this for years. I know nothing (well next to nothing). Now can I go back to cowering?

P.S. How can you work in a dress? Seriously? Not that you will ever find me in a dress / skirt but come on trousers are so the way to go.


cellar_door said...

I was very scared of the sister on my adult placement :0) Although it's kinda the same in MH, but without the can always spot the management though. However, I have very little respect for most of the managers where I work. I do what they tell me because of the threat of punishment, not because I respect them or think they are good instructions :0)

I think people who come to work on a male forensic MH unit in a dress (yes, there are some) are just bloody stupid. Seriously, sexualise yourself a bit more, the rapists will love it...

Seratonin said...

Oh God don't get me started on fear & uniforms.Before my job got contracted out to a private firm my boss was the neuro ward manager.She is now a Matron for neuro & she popped up the other evening on my other ward.Both of us gave the other a double take.She is a good nurse & manager, always in the past been so supportive of my mental health problems, but hell does she fill me with fear when I clock her.I think the Matron uniform makes it worse.

WardBunny said...

Cellar Door - Oh god yea, you can spot a consultant miles off and they don't even need the stethoscope to do it. You do have to wonder where these people put their brains... turning up in a skirt. Yea work is one thing (I so used to take the piss out of my old managers, wouldn't do it now), placement is a whole other world.

Seratonin - Luckily never had a run in with anyone higher than ward sister. Sounds like a good boss to have there. :)

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