Wednesday, 26 November 2008

So... Where Was I?

I'm 2,000 words away from the end of my final essay. This implies I've not even started it... which I haven't. I've only just remembered that I do actually have an Athens password so that's the references sorted.

My 2 days off are nearly at an end. I'll be working from here-on-out. I'm thinking about being sneaky about my study days. We're meant to have a study day on so many Fridays and I worked the last one. So I might try and get it off some day this week so I'll have a little more time to finish.

So far I've done sod all... not the most productive 2 days.


Karin RN said...

Sounds like I'm not alone in the Procrastinating Room.

WardBunny said...

You are far from alone! I think I might have to start paying rent for all the time I've spent here!

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