Sunday, 7 December 2008

E to L

The second instalment commeth....
E - EATING - what's your usual snack?
My usual drink is Diet Cola or Starbucks coffee. Snacks..... mmmm chocolate, mostly I guess. I have a real sweet tooth... teeth (well the ones that are left).
F - A Few of your FAVORITE Things
My laptop / DS / PDA. M*A*S*H and SVU and Holby City and Casualty and House and all the other TV shows. My life.... I very much like my life just the way it is. (Cop out!)
G - GIGGLES! What (or who) makes you laugh? Do you have a good sense of humor?
'Staff Nurse I really get on with', Jack Dee, other bloggers, Twitter.... I have a 'broad' sense of humour... I can laugh at almost anything.
H - major HOT Button:
People who do not pull their weight. Right now it is the mess in the flat that keeps setting people off.
I - I am ______________
"Super Student" - Can I do it? Yes, I flaming well can!
J - There isn't a J. I don't know why but NO I won't jump if you ask me too.
K - Also KNOWN As... Aliases? Screen names? A non de plume perhaps?
Well since this is an anonymous blog you can easily assume I do have a real name. I also have another screen name which most of my fan fiction is written under. Yea bad question to ask really.
L - I LOVE ...
My laptop, my job (sad, maybe), Christmas..... many things.....

That'll do for now I guess!


Karin RN said...

*smile* You really like your laptop. You've only mentioned it twice.

WardBunny said...

Only twice?! Oops....

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