Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Ah it's another year of bad telly, over eating and thinking people for presents that you didn't like ever.
Actually this year the beeb, ITV and the est of them have pulled their fingers out and provided something special. Oh if you live in the UK go watch Rab C Nesbitt on iPlayer. 10 years on and they've brought him back, course he's a new man now. (Here if you have no idea of what I'm talking about) Rab is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with Glasgow.

But at the same time he has a love of the city that some of the citizens have managed to forget.
The clip is taken from the first season (someone has been kind enough to put them up on youtube).
Ironically we were city of culture for 1990 and we're hosting the 2014 Commonwealth Games. We don't have a mayor, instead there's a Lord Provost. The building they are standing in front of is the back door the the Kelvingrove art gallery (my mate Seggie hasn't a photo of that yet, wiki has a few though). It was built back to front for the garden party (not the 1988 one when I was 3 but the 1888 one which I surprisingly wasn't around for) and the pictures on wiki are of the back door AKA the non-fancy one.

Sorry went off on a tangent there... I should take you on a photo tour of Glasgow some time... Which is a not so subtle way of me saying I got a new digital camera for Christmas and want to play with it.
Enjoy the clip I'll be back before Hogmannay!

Oh and P.S. yes I do sound like that... sorry.

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