Monday, 15 December 2008


Yea... I am working on a decent post before I start the mind melting week of night shift. (I don't DO night shift. They make me feel like death.)
But of course how many times have I said that to you guys?
FOS is one of those delightful acronyms that are not meant to fill up medical records. Like TLC and the Departure Lounge... Actually I know of a hospital were the Discharge Lounge is routinely called that. Honest it was the sign on the door at one point. Why someone thought that was a good idea I don't know.

Memo to self:
Shopping list
A to Z part 3.....


Strong One said...

Night shift = death. I can relate. I always felt like a truck ran me over after just working 1 night shift.
Good luck.

WardBunny said...

I was getting myself phyced up for it... that was posted at 5am!

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