Thursday, 4 December 2008

A to D

Karin RN has been following the A to Z meme (The outline is here).... and since I've not done enough of these things I'm going to clog up a few posts in case I'm not around to fill the gaps in person.
A - If you were an ANIMAL, what would you be?
I would be a... oh good question. I would like to be a goldfish but I would not like being stuck in a tank needing care from someone else all the time. Maybe that says something about me.
I would dearly love to be a wild horse, running free all the time. Than again people will call me a sloth for not moving very fast or doing anything with speed.
Nah I'll be a wild horse!
B - BOOKS: What's on your reading list?
Simple look down to the bottom of the posts and take a look at the bookshelf. Or go to my Shelfari page.
C - COMPULSIVE about anything?
I wouldn't say I was compulsive about anything. I used to clean the fish talk all the time but since the algae has balanced out it isn't so bad. I think I'm too laid back to be compulsive about any one thing in particular.
D - DREAMS - Do you ... dream in colour? remember your dreams? keep a dream journal?
Hmmm yes I do dream in colour and sometimes I remember them. After one (equally weird) shift that night's dream was that I went around killing people with oxygen cylinders (not killing patients BTW, I remember killing a staff member) (oh and I was beating them not blowing them up). I don't keep a journal because only the really weird ones stick the morning after.

That should to for this instalment. See you guys next time.


Karin RN said...

on "D" OMG. Glad it was only a dream--how horrific and graphic. Maybe you read too much of Evonavich's novel. (I read one and I loved it).

WardBunny said...

What I declined to mention was that the 'weird' shift had contained a discussion on nurses who kill and me having to count the number of un-used oxygen cylinders.
I have a really weird subconscious.

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