Monday, 31 March 2008

Displaced Anger

There have been posts flying about over the 'Angry' nurse bloggers. It started with DisappearingJohn, then PixelRN and Julie @ Life In the NHS.
So are we angry? Well yes but for good reasons. I was asked by a friend of mine if we ever got bogged down in the politics of it all. She's a physics teacher and has plenty of good reasons to be angry at the system too.
I see patients getting a raw deal every day. Open any of the weekly nursing journals and there's an article on poor pay deals and lack of training or student drop out rates and levels of student debt. College puts these fantastic ideas into our heads. Offering patients the chance to die at home or preventing pressure sores. I went into the course with rose tinted glasses on, they have since been ripped from my face when I saw a patient admitted with questionable marks on her body and poor details from her care home.
I have been called angry by a lecturer more than once but at least I'm angry in the right direction. This is the kind of anger that will get things changed for the better. Internalising this anger would cause anyone to get stressed out.
But are the cynical views of mine colouring anyone else's views on the world? I would hope that anyone seeing my rants would accept that not every patient I see is poorly treated by everyone but those I work with. The majority of staff are fantastic human beings who are doing the best they can in difficult circumstances . Of course there are the bad eggs but they exist in every job. If I couldn't put my anger to good use the I would end up alone, bitter and generally pissed off with a job that I do love deep, deep down inside.

(Photo from Suggs, who says I don't plug his photos enough!)

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