Monday, 10 March 2008

The Holey Religion of the Crocs!

Crocs took their time getting over to this side of the pond. I remember seeing them in 2005 when I was working over in the States, but I only got my first pair last February.
Now I own 4 pairs in different colours and I'm a true believer. I spent 6 weeks in placement wearing them and my feet never hurt once.
Of course now they are being banned all over the place. Now personally I don't use my feet as target practice when disposing of needles but apparently some do. Anyway I off to buy my fifth pair this week for my new placement. I'll be getting the variation without the holes as my favourites; beach and cayman are off the uniform menu.
People laugh at the bright colours (I own Red, Yellow, Black and Turquoise) but they are comfortable, light and they DO look smart, especially the black. Everyone should own at least one pair. Don't knock them till you've spent a 12 hour shift on your feet and wearing a pair of these.
So I'm starting a new religion dedicated to Crocs. The most maligned footwear ever. All you have to do is believe in the shoes!

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Anonymous said...

I am a dialysis tech and to save up for nursing school I'm working just about 5 thirteen hour days....crocs have saved my feet, I've tried all those other nursing shoes and basically I end up with sore feet and calves that burn like a mother.

Can I sign up for the Church of Crocs?...hmmm...maybe we should try another name

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