Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Bickering and Infighting?

So the great and holy NMC have been accused of 'racism and bullying', well I wouldn't expect anything less.
Back in the post where I said that I was sacred of being pulled up for the slightest misdemeanor I talked about the power this 'governing body' has. It wields a huge amount of power, over my education, career, future employment and if you believe what some say my out-of-hours conduct.
I was always a little confused about why I will have to pay to support something that surely the government should be doing? Like the monopolies commission?
Well I have noticed that when you put lots of women together they have a tendency to stab each other in the back eventually. This isn't just a phenomenon in nursing but it's worse. One off comment about another's competency and there's a whole can of worms opened for all to see.

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