Sunday, 2 March 2008

Grubby and Promiscuous

"The nurses that looked after me were mostly grubby. We're talking about dirty fingernails, slipshod, lazy. But worst of all my Lords they were drunken and promiscuous." - Lord Mancroft

This man has been watching No Angels not visiting an actual NHS hospital. Mind you I don't work in that particular trust, still I have never seen a nurse be that unprofessional.

As a wise lecturer said to us once "The halo slipped long ago." And it did the public no longer see us as sweet little angels out to care for their loved ones. Nope, the profession is now personified by strippers dressed as nurses, the Beverly Allitt types and the boozy sluts in the TV dramas... It's all become one big joke - like these 'nurses' at the Heart Attack Grill.

How are we meant to fight back against all that? I'll go work on a plan!

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