Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Exam Time

I have one of those huge, everything-hangs-on-this exam in roughly 31 hours....
It's not enough time. I've been working hard for 4 weeks and it's not enough.....
I don't know what else to do any more.
But to entertain you.... Notes from WardBunny and Zuzu

Whit the heck is she talking about?
Catching an STD I think haha!!
Moist... Deep... Fluids... It is about catching STD's!
Told you. I'm paying attention.
Least one of us is.
mmm... fluids!
Just bung in a few tatties!
Tae the cold water and clingfilm?
No with the burnt pork/beef!
"mmm tastes like pork!"
OK apple sauce?
Any crackling?
Haha plenty!
Those darn aliens get everywhere.

Welcome to my world! I can tell you that she wasn't talking about STD's and that I was paying attention (Zuzu too by the way!).

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