Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Wanna Know A Secret?

I made a reference over @ about a ward sister I had my eye on at one time.

"Walking down the corridor talking about a certain ward sister, when she just happened to walk by. Hey least I don’t have to go back there….. but I so want to!"

So yea. Anyway if I needed a plan of action I found one. Via astrology, based on my star sign and it's compatibility with her.

"She needs lots of affection, attention, praise, adoration. At first, you won’t mind giving this: it’s a good way to impress her. Eventually, however, you might feel as if you have to constantly tell her how much you appreciate what she does for you. But does she realise how much you do for her? You’re both ambitious, loyal and hard working. She could actually introduce you to many useful people. There is much you have in common but for this relationship to prosper you must make allowances for her strong need to be sociable, she must make allowances for your deep need to be private." Taken from here.

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