Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Today in Brief

First up I got over 30 hits in an hour and 82 in 2 days after a link to my blog post about Crocs was put on this message board for stock traders. Wow! Never expected that.
Further to the Crocs story I went shopping for a new pair for my next placement and I couldn't help myself. I bought both a black pair for placement (without any holes) and a pair of red mammoths! Soft and fuzzy and warm!

I also discovered this fantastic competition of photographs taken during scientific studies. They are here in this gallery for all to see but this one is my favourite! In case you can't tell what it is then it's a burst blood vessel. See the little stuck red blood cells? It was taken with a scanning electron microscope.

Lastly has anyone been watching Holby tonight? They are ALL acting like hussies! There goes the Code of Conduct out the window.

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